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Permanent Makeup in Lafayette - 
Great for Active Lifestyles


Natural Looking Permanent Makeup 

Enhance your unique beauty, perfect any imperfections, and embrace a more radiant version of yourself. Experience effortless beauty. Time-saving. The ultimate convenience.

If you have ever wished you didn’t have to take the time to put on makeup every morning, or if you’ve ever wished the contour of your lips was just a little fuller or if you have thinning brows and wished their shape were a bit more dramatic, then permanent makeup might be for you!

Permanent makeup really is the ultimate convenience!! You can start every day with confidence knowing that your makeup always looks perfect and it will stay that way, all day!  It is low-maintenance, saves you time, simplifies your life, and is a great option for anyone wanting to look and feel their best without having to devote a lot of time to doing so.

And, permanent makeup is perfect for the active Colorado lifestyle. Ski, hike, bike, or run and look great before AND AFTER a strenuous workout.

Best of all, permanent makeup is affordable, lasts for years, and looks natural.

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Great Eyebrows are Everything!

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They frame your face, balance your features, and define your eyes. As you age, a strong and well-defined brow can almost act as a nonsurgical eye lift.  youbaby’s expert techniques can have you looking your natural best at all times.

Before & After Gallery

youbaby's signature WisperBrows -
Also known as microblading, and micro-stroking. This technique creates a realistic hair stroke-like effect that enhance shape, not just color, to fill in and frame the face with natural looking eyebrows.

Blade and Shade Combination Brows -
This is a combination of hair stroke and shading to add even more contour and dimension to your brows.

The Hair Stroke - 
The hair stroke look is created using very thin lines to resemble natural hairs. This is a machine technique.

Pricing: $800 for all brow types 
Color Refresh
1 year $300 | 2-3 years $400
3-4 years $500 | 5+ years: $800


Full Lip Color - Lip Blushing 

For color that always stays in place. 
Permanent makeup is applied to lips, making them look fuller and more supple. Our application redefines the shape of the lip for a natural and youthful appearance that helps build confidence and self-assuredness.

Pricing: $1000 lip blushing full lip color
 Color Refresh
4 years $700

Before & After Gallery

Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancements

Perfect for the active Colorado lifestyle.
Permanent eyeliner creates the look of fuller lashes and enhances the eyes without a time-consuming application every morning. No more smudged or faded liner! Applications can be on both upper and lower lids, or just upper or lower. From thin to thick, dramatic to subtle, defined to smoky, sexy, we can…and have!...done it all!

$800 Set - both upper & lower lids
$500 upper OR lower lids
Refresh after 4 years: $800

Before & After Gallery

Areola & Nipple Micropigmentation

Realistic, natural, beautiful!
For the patients who choose reconstruction surgery following mastectomy, permanent makeup is a great way to create a more natural appearance. For many, this is the final process to feeling, and looking normal again.

Out of respect and patient privacy, we will not show the before and after micro-pigmentation of areolas and nipples on our website. photos are available during consultations.


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Kim F.

Treatment: Signature Skin Treatment

I just had to tell you. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My skin looks so amazing! It took me all of 3 minutes this morning to put my makeup on – I’m not trying to cover anything up! Oh, My. God. I’m just so excited! Thank you, so much!  Oh, I can’t believe it took me so long to come to you. Thank you so much!. I feel so amazing! I love you!

Judith R.

Treatment: Permanent Eyebrows

Great experience! I love waking up and having eyebrows, instead of having to put makeup on in the morning. Thanks, Susan! Beautiful job, great color, so natural and normal and pretty. I feel great.

Jeannie S.

Treatment: Signature Skin Treatment

I wouldn't trust my skin care to anyone else. Treatments are non-invasive, practical and reasonably priced.

Frankie G.

Treatment: Tattoo Removal

The best place to get your tattoos removed. Love these women.

Taffy O.

Treatment: Microblading 

Susan is the best. I was very hesitant to have microblading done on my brows. I am so glad that I did. My eyebrows were so light and thin. She did a phenomenal job. Now, I have eyebrows and it is wonderful. I have to admit I was nervous at first, but she put me at ease immediately. She also lined the bottom of my lids. It is great to get up in the morning and not have to use eyeliner. She is the ultimate professional and a perfectionist.

Nora H.

Treatment: Permanent Eyebrow Removal

Susan and Nina are a great team and provide a wonderful spa experience. Susan has wealth of knowledge about skin care, permanent makeup and tattoo removal. I am forever grateful that she was able to remove a botched set of permanent eyebrows. She replaced them, and my brows now have a natural silhouette and color.

Lisa B.

Treatment: Permanent Make-up Touch Up

Susan Melching is such a nice person and so helpful throughout the procedure. It's a very professional atmosphere without being sterile. I would recommend YouBaby Spa to anyone for permanent makeup. Nina and Susan are both great!

Kerry M.

Treatment: Permanent Eyebrows

The environment was beautiful. Susan was professional, kind, gentle and fantastic at explaining what she was doing. She described the treatment clearly and asked all the right questions to help make the experience comfortable. I am so thankful I found youbaby.

Amy W.

Treatment: PICO FX Laser Skin Treatment

Nina is an excellent practitioner. This is an effective treatment.

Charlene G.

Treatment: Permanent Eyeliner

Love the way it looks!!! Susan does a meticulously beautiful job.