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5 Star Reviews


Permanent Make-up Color Refresh - Susan Melching is such a nice person and so helpful throughout the procedure. It's a very professional atmosphere without being sterile. I would recommend YouBaby Spa to anyone for permanent makeup. Nina and Susan are both great!  -- Lisa B

Permanent Make-Up Eyebrows -  Susan is so professional, kind, gentle and fantastic at explaining what she is doing. My experience was fantastic!  -- Kerri M

Permanent  Make-up Eyebrows - Great experience! I love waking up and having eyebrows, instead of having to put makeup on in the morning. Thanks, Susan! Beautiful job, great color, so natural and normal and pretty. I feel great.  -- Judith R.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - I wouldn't trust my skin care to anyone else. Treatments are non-invasive, practical and reasonably priced.  -- Jeannie S.

Tattoo Removal - The best place to get your tattoos removed. Love these women.  -- Frankie G.

Permanent Make-up Microblading - Susan is the best. I was very hesitant to have microblading done on my brows. I am so glad that I did. My eyebrows were so light and thin. She did a phenomenal job. Now, I have eyebrows and it is wonderful. I have to admit I was nervous at first, but she put me at ease immediately. She also lined the bottom of my lids. It is great to get up in the morning and not have to use eyeliner. She is the ultimate professional and a perfectionist.  -- Taffy O.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrow Removal & Correction - Susan and Nina are a great team and provide a wonderful spa experience. Susan has wealth of knowledge about skin care, permanent makeup and tattoo removal. I am forever grateful that she was able to remove a botched set of permanent eyebrows. She replaced them, and my brows now have a natural silhouette and color.  -- Nora H.

PICO Genesis FX on Neck - Nina is an excellent practitioner. This is an effective treatment.  --Amy W.

Permanent Make-up Eyeliner - Love the way it looks!!! Susan does a meticulously beautiful job.  --Charlene G.

Permanent Make-up Color Refresh - Today Susan refreshed my eyeliner and it looks absolutely perfect. I highly recommend Susan. She is kind, friendly as well as very professional.  -- Kathryn O.

Laser Hair Removal - Susan is the best. She is great to work with.  --Julie M.

Leg Vein Removal - Knowledgeable, professional, friendly and efficient. Thank you again. -- Mary M.

Permanent Make-up Eyeliner Removal - Excellent service, Nina takes good care of you!  --Lizeth S.

PICO Genesis FX on Lips - Nina is friendly, competent and professional. It's a pleasure to receive care from Nina.  -- Sharon W.

Legs Vein Reduction - Nina is friendly, competent and professional. It's a pleasure to receive care from Nina.  -- Sharon W.

Permanent Make-up Color Refresh - Susan is the BEST! She has years of experience and does a fantastic job, I’ve had eyebrows, eye liner and lips done! Highly recommend her and youbaby !  -- Lisa E.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows - I now have Fabulous eyebrows!  --Sandra. S

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows - I love Susan! And her sense of humor! She has given me eyebrows again! A great job for which I am so grateful! I never dreamed someone from Colorado would come to Charleston to give me eyebrows!  --Kathy L.

Laser Hair Removal - Nina made sure I was comfortable, she was very kind, and made sure I wasn’t in much pain (she gave me breaks when needed). The procedure went fast and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. Definitely come get this procedure done with Nina, they are amazing and their location is so cute!  -- Elodi A.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - Susan is so thorough with her skin care, I had a microdermabrasion treatment and it was great. Susan is the best esthetician in the area! -- Patty T.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - I had the most thorough and much needed facial I have ever had. Susan is excellent.  -- Pam M.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - Susan is the best! My skin looks amazing because of her. I previously had severe acne and my face is clear now because of her treatments. I would recommend her highly!  -- Lisa J.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows  - My follow up was Susan's way of making sure her treatments meet not only my expectations but hers also. She is even picker than I am. Thank you Susan for keeping me looking so young!  -- Brenda S.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - Susan has been taking care of my facial needs for over 4 years and I have never had a more complete facial. Thank you Susan. You and Nina are a great team.  -- Brenda S.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - Thanks for the treatment! You did an excellent job as always!  -- Carol F.

Eyebrow Shaping - I can’t believe how you shaped my eyebrows. They never looked better.  --Virginia C.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows - Susan is amazing. My husband loves my eyebrows.  --Nann P.

Laser Hair Removal - It's always a great experience and Sudan takes such good care of her clients!  -- Kirstin D.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - It has been a long time since I had a good quality facial. Susan is the best in the area! My skin looks fresh, clear and vibrant after her amazing treatments. She tailored her approach to just what my skin needed and it looks great! Thank you! -- Patty T.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrows - The service is outstanding and the environment is warm friendly and helpful, paying special attention to their senior clients. I highly recommend both Susan and Nina!!🥰 -- Debra M.

Permanent Make-up Eyeliner - Expert!! Susan is so talented. My permanent makeup looks natural. -- Tara T.

Permanent Make-up Eyeliner Removal - It’s a bit painful with the location under my eye, but Nina does a good job at numbing the area.  -- Tori S.

Laser Tattoo Removal - Nina is great! She takes photos every session and explains everything. -- Roland G.

Permanent Make-up Eyeliner Removal - Couldn’t be happier with the results!  -- Martha G.

Skin Care Consultation - Nina was very informative and answered all my questions. I’m looking forward to putting together my skin care package.  -- Andrea K.

Permanent Make-up Eyebrow Removal - Nina is so great and welcoming. I always enjoy coming in and I appreciate the high quality of work that is delivered.  -- Emily F.

 Permanent Make-up Eyeliner Removal - Nina is very proficient with get skills and education, and has a very relaxing and kind “bedside manner”— which all makes it natural to trust her with one’s procedure.  -- Tori S.

Signature Skin Treatment with Microdermabrasion - Susan provides excellent and professional services and I truly appreciate and enjoyed the treatment I received! Thank you so much! -- Evette S.

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