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Skin Treatment or Facial: The difference, and, the importance of home care.

By Susan Melching, CPCP, CIDESCO

How Tattoo Removal Works & What Can You Expect

Tattoo removal is a big decision; one not to take lightly. However, once you’ve made the decision,..

What is the Hollywood Facial?

This is a top go-to non-invasive skin treatment for Hollywood celebrities, and has been associated with..

Breast Cancer and Permanent Cosmetics

In today’s world, a breast cancer diagnosis is all too familiar. Nearly everyone knows of someone who’s..

Susan and Nina’s Story

The first thing you will undoubtedly notice about Susan Melching and Nina Smith is their beautiful,..

Launching a New Brand and Making Dreams Come True

I’m not sure WHEN it was that my passion for skincare, for working with others to address their inner..

Five Skincare Mistakes that Advance Aging

There's no getting around the fact that our skin is aging.  As the largest organ in the body, we really..

Microblading: What it is and isn't

While regularly highlighted in numerous beauty magazines, blogs and social media, endorsed by the rich..

PICO Genesis: Can Renew Your Skin's Vibrancy

In a matter of a few months, your skin CAN have a renewed vibrancy, look brighter with more even-skin..

13 Tips When You’re Preparing for Laser Tattoo Removal

Tattoos aren’t necessarily forever.