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Enhance your natural features, correct minor imperfections, and enjoy a more beautiful you.

Low-maintenance. Save time. The ultimate convenience.

If you have ever wished you didn’t have to take the time to put on makeup every morning, or if you’ve ever wished the contour of your lips was just a little fuller or if you have thinning brows and wished their shape were a bit more dramatic, then permanent makeup might be for you!

Permanent makeup is the ultimate convenience!! You can start every day with confidence knowing that your makeup always looks perfect. It is low-maintenance, saves you time, simplifies your life, and is a great option for anyone wanting to look and feel their best without having to devote a lot of time to doing so.

And, permanent makeup is perfect for the active Colorado lifestyle. Ski, hike, bike, or run and look great before AND AFTER a strenuous workout.

Best of all, permanent makeup is affordable, lasts for years, and looks natural.

Applying permanent makeup is most definitely a skill. At youbaby we just happen to have one of the most gifted artists in the area. Susan has been practicing her art for almost 30 years. Active in national organizations, she has been certified by the American Academy of Micropigmentation. She was also recently certified as a Permanent Cosmetic Professional (CPCP) by the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP), the largest national organization upholding standards of safety, competency, and education for the industry.

(Just to brag a bit: Susan received a near-perfect score on her exam!!)

The trend in permanent makeup is all about natural. Simple. Subtle. Understated. But, we’ve also done quite a few more dramatic applications, especially for permanent eye makeup. Smokey eyeliner is becoming popular, as is the “cat eye” sweep of color from the corner of the eye.

But, either way, at youbaby, it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty.

Enhance your natural features, correct minor imperfections, and enjoy a more beautiful you.

Low-maintenance. Save time. The ultimate convenience.

Reconstruction: Following surgery, permanent makeup is great for breast reconstruction patients giving them a more natural appearance. For many, this is the final process to feeling normal again.

Some other important things to know about permanent makeup:

Does it hurt? No, but there is always the possibility of slight discomfort with permanent makeup. Sensations may vary by individual and procedure, however, most clients report a comfortable experience. We use topically applied products to minimize discomfort.

Does it look garish/overdone? Absolutely not! Permanent makeup can be as subtle and discreet as you’d like. It looks natural and understated and is about enhancing your features and true beauty.

How long does it last? Permanent makeup lasts years. Since it is a cosmetic tattoo, fading will happen over time depending on factors such as sun exposure, skin products, health and the natural aging process. Most get a “refresh” of their permanent makeup periodically, but typically clients are thrilled with this low-maintenance, worry-free option.

Is there downtime? There is virtually no downtime. However, there are minimal lifestyle adjustments necessary during the healing process.




Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They frame your face, balance your features, and define your eyes. As you age, a strong and well-defined brow can almost act as a nonsurgical eyelift. youbaby’s expert techniques can have you looking your natural best at all times.

youbaby’s Signature WisperBrows

Also known as microblading, and microstroking techniques that create a realistic hair stroke-like effect that enhances shape, not just color, to fill in and frame the face with natural looking eyebrows.

Powder Brows

The Powder Brow creates a look more like having powder makeup applied. It does not create “hair strokes” but gives more of a soft filled in look.


Often, a combination of techniques is used to get the perfect look customized just for you.

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Perfect for the active Colorado lifestyle, permanent makeup is the ultimate convenience! Permanent eyeliner creates the look of fuller lashes and enhances the eyes without a time-consuming application every morning. No more smudged or faded liner! Applications can be on both upper and lower lids, or just upper or lower. From thin to thick, dramatic to subtle, defined to smoky, sexy, we can…and have!...done it all!

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For color that always stays in place. Permanent makeup is applied to lips, making them look fuller and more supple. Our application redefines the shape of the lip for a natural and youthful appearance that helps build confidence and self-assuredness.