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How to improve your skin's texture

Healthy-looking skin from within

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It's what holds the body together, like forming a scaffold to provide strength and structure, and helps the skin cells renew and repair themselves. As we age our skin naturally loses its ability to make collagen. We lose about one percent of our collagen each year from our 20’s. When collagen levels are high (when we’re young), the skin is soft, smooth and firm, and moist. As levels decline (as we age) the skin’s structure is directly affected, that’s why our skin begins to look dull, sag, and wrinkles form. Injury, stress, exposure to the sun, dehydration, diet and smoking, ages our skin even more quickly. Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent collagen decreases in the body. But, there are ways to stimulate it to produce more!

Hope in a Jar?

To ease the advance of aging skin, supporting the skin’s cellular structure significantly affects the texture, tone and radiance of the skin. Today, there are many approaches to boost collagen levels, like adding different foods to your diet, taking supplements, and using topical creams. Yet many anti-aging skin creams and serums made of collagen do little to boost collagen levels. Most collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed through to the dermal layers of the skin, so the collagen cream merely sits on the top layer of skin. The biggest benefit is due to the moisturizing effect of the cream.

It's important to note, however, that there are product lines specifically formulated to penetrate the dermis and are bio-available - meaning the body can much more easily assimilate them in a productive way. Some products may also contain bio-available peptides that send messages to the skin that more collagen needs to be produced. We find that Revision Skincare offers the best products for bio-availability.

Just because a product is expensive and touted as premium doesn't assure it's effectiveness. So, don’t be disappointed because these expensive serums do not directly increase collagen and will not deliver the results you want. Always consult with your skin care professional to find out which products will work for you.

Lifestyle and Technology

Boosting collagen has as much to do with improving lifestyle factors (cutting down on sugar intake, not smoking, limiting time in the sun) as it does from taking advantage of what's new in technology (laser and light therapies). The skin has this amazing ability to send signals to the brain to repair itself – to replace and restore dead skin cells deep in the dermal tissue and to produce more healthy cells. Sometimes the best route to healthy skin is to create a bit of damage (aka - creating inflammatory injury).

Light therapies – LED (light-emitting diode) and resurfacing laser treatments like ablative fractional lasers and CO2 lasers – use short beams of light and heat to penetrate the skin at varying levels to disrupt the tissues and fibers to create more collagen and elastin. By introducing micro-injuries into the skin, the body’s natural wound-healing processes are activated, resulting in faster cell turnover. Microneedling is another procedure that uses tiny needles to make micro-perforations in the top layer of skin, disrupting the collagen and stimulating the body to form new more youthful collagen fibers. Healthy new cells are produced that firm and plump the skin; softening fine lines and wrinkles.

However, the healing period for each of these can be lengthy – several days to several weeks. If you cannot afford the downtime, but want the results of collagen production, there is a new less invasive effective solution that comfortably delivers fantastic results.

Building Collagen. It’s an inside-out job with PICO Genesis FX

Enter a new laser technology, PICO Genesis FX which boosts collagen production to create skin that looks smoother, brighter and firmer with little discomfort and minimal healing time. PICO Genesis FX is a non-ablative laser therapy that uses non-thermal light energy at one-trillionth of a second (PICO-second) to penetrate and disrupt the dermal tissue. The light is sent deep into the skin through an array of lenses where some skin is injured while nearby normal skin is undamaged, prompting the wound healing response. The result is dermal remodeling and improved appearance without creating unnecessary inflammation or pigmentation to the surface of the skin and eliminating a long healing period.

If you want more information about how this therapy might work for you, please click on the button below to request a consultation. You may also read more about the PICO Genesis FX therapy here.


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