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What are the different styles of permanent eyebrows

If you follow fashion, then you are undoubtedly aware of the crazy-huge trend everyone seems to be talking about: eyebrows. The bigger, bolder, more dramatic the better. There are products galore. There are salons all over the country that specialize ONLY in shaping brows. Celebrities like Keira Knightly, Lilly Collins, Sofia Vergara, and Cara Delevingne are envied for and have gained tremendous mileage from their arched and sculpted beauties.

As far as the grooming of brows goes, most people choose one of the few options out there: waxing, fill in with pencil and wax, threading, or simply plucking and tweezing on a regular basis.

But, what if you have thinning brows? What if the hair of your brows is so light that they are all but invisible? What if you have a genetic condition and you don’t HAVE brows? Or, what if you are just too beyond tired hassling with waxing, filling in, or plucking every day?

At youbaby, we have the perfect solution. Permanent makeup.

Eyebrows are one of the most important features of your face. They frame your face, balance your features, and define your eyes. As you age, a strong and well-defined brow can almost act as a nonsurgical eyelift. A great brow can make your face seem thinner and your eyes bigger. If you don’t like the brows you were born with, if you desire a more dramatic flair, then going with a permanent brow might be for you.

But, having someone apply permanent makeup of any kind is not as easy as you may think. Frankly, many aestheticians are not properly trained in the application technology. The end result is often garish and overdone.

But, youbaby’s expert techniques can have you looking your natural best at all times. We offer the following treatments:

  • Youbaby’s Signature WisperBrows

    Also known as microblading, and microstroking, these are techniques that create a realistic hair stroke-like effect that enhances shape, not just color, to fill in and frame the face with natural looking eyebrows.

  • Powder Brows

    The Powder Brow creates a look more like having powder makeup applied. It does not create “hair strokes” but gives more of a soft filled in look. We have found this to be the best solution for oily skin.

  • Combination

    Often, a combination of techniques is used to get the perfect look customized just for you.

Some other important things to know about permanent brows:

  • You can achieve a very natural look. Permanent brows can be as subtle and discreet as you’d like, or dramatic and well-defined, it’s up to you. Many fear a garish or overdone outcome, but because we are experts at achieving the natural and understated, our services are highly sought out and renowned.
  • Permanent brows last up to three to four years. Fading occasionally happens and a simple “refresh” can make it like new.

There is virtually no downtime with the application of permanent makeup. Some clients experience physical sensations during the application, but these, of course, vary by individual and procedure and are minimal. We use topically applied products to minimize discomfort for even the most sensitive client.