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Six Microblading Eyebrow Regrets and How to Fix Them

Probably the most regretful tattoo are the ones that you had hoped would really give you confidence, add convenience and look natural. Eyebrows!


A disheartened patient confessed, “I don’t know what I was thinking when I got these done. I wasn’t chasing a fad. I gave my trust to someone who, I discovered later was inexperienced and unlicensed, and this is what I got!”.

She went on to say, “If someone had urged me to be more selective about how to go about finding the right person to do my brows, I probably wouldn’t be lamenting my decision, and living with poor result until now.”

This painful recollection of bad eyebrows is a perfect example of why a permanent tattoo, on your face, should be done by an experienced, certified permanent makeup artist. Maybe her journey can be your inspiration to be careful in your decision process, especially when you have something permanent done to your face!

We’d love to say that this patients’ lament is uncommon but that’s not the case! As we began seeing more and more cases of permanent eyebrow flubs, flops and downright disasters, we’ve been asking ourselves how this type of eyebrow self-harm keeps happening, and what we can do to help prevent it, and at the very least, what can we do to help to fix it.

What follows are some of the most common lamentations of bad eyebrows experiences. If your own experiences are similar, we certainly empathize with you, and want you to know that we can help!

Motivated by low price.

There are risks associated with permanent makeup as it involves breaking into the skin, and infections are possible.  An unclean work area or a casual approach to sanitation practices or working with inexperienced, unlicensed technicians increases the risks. Choosing the less costly option for permanent makeup might prove to be a big mistake. 

 If you’re unhappy with the results, the experience can end up being very expensive in the long run, because you’ll pay even more for correction whether it’s with laser or non-laser removal methods.


Price shouldn't be your only deciding factor. Other things are more important, like training and experience. The outcome of the microblading will depend on the quality of the job which is why it's important that you choose a licensed and skilled artist. 

Do some research. Where is the procedure being carried out? Is it clean? Does it look sanitary? Who is the person doing the procedure? Are they licensed? What is their training? How much experience do they have? What kind of reviews do they have? Do they have a before and after portfolio?

Depending on your location and the artist's expertise, the procedure can cost anywhere from $400 to $1,400. Be wary of deep discounts as it might be reflective of the quality of the work. 

The technician’s poor skill.

Unfortunately, not everyone who claims to be skilled, trained, and experienced at performing permanent makeup are what they say. Expert technique is developed with training and years of experience.


Ask your technician for their credentials and certifications. You want someone who has a knowledge of permanent makeup fundamentals with practical and proficient experiences. Look for someone with certification from either the American Academy of Micropigmentation or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP); as members they are required to have continuing education to maintain the credential. 

Both organizations are also good starting points for locating licensed and skilled technicians, and aestheticians with more credibility and training in permanent makeup or microblading.

Following a fad.

You loved the look of thick, dark full eyebrows, but it wasn’t a look that fit your face. The shape was not complimentary – too big, too thin, too dark, not positioned properly in symmetry to your face shape. The look is out-of-date, the trend is in the past, and it really wasn’t right for your age.


While fads may come and go, classic eyebrow shape, color and designs are timeless. It’s best to stay with a look that is a natural enhancement to your face. A skilled technician considers the proportions of your face and draws the shape before the procedure to assure you get a natural look, just for you. 

It’s all the same.

Unfortunately, there are many practitioners who use the same design on everyone. You wanted a certain look but ended up with a brow style that looks misshapen. Faces are not symmetrical, and using the same design, shape on both eyes and/or eyebrows will create an unnatural and fake look. 


Eyes can be different shapes, sizes, be higher or lower than the other. Face shapes can be a combination of types. Your permanent eyebrows should fit the shape and symmetry of your face, not a ‘one-size fits all’ style. The look should be a natural enhancement, not to make a statement!

You want an artist that has a solid understanding of face morphology – the study of the form and structure of the face. This knowledge is essential for creating a natural, enhanced look with permanent makeup. By studying the facial bone structure, the most natural design for that person emerges. 

Radical color changes.

The pigment hue has changed, your brows turned orange and now it looks like you’ve got a pair of slugs stuck on your face. Permanent makeup colors use a mixture of pigments, when one individual color degrades over time, the overall color can change. Color change is normal as the pigments oxidize.

The color palate must work with the canvas, not against it. Significant color changes might suggest the use of questionable pigment quality, or the wrong color for your skin’s undertones to begin with.  Permanent makeup is really an art and the skin is it’s canvas. 


Final results cannot be guaranteed as each unique skin type will hold pigments differently and break down at different rates. You should expect that touch-ups and refreshes are needed. However, the frequency of touch-ups depends on several factors including skin type, pigment selection, lifestyle (sun exposure, smoking, acidic skincare products, etc), iron deficiency (your body absorbs iron-oxide as a supplement), chemical peels, etc.

Just add more pigment.

The biggest gaffe amateur technicians make is to try to cover up a mistake with more pigment, or to add a flesh-toned pigment for camouflage. This only makes it worse, and more difficult to remove. 


If you’re in this situation, ask the technician to stop, immediately. Do not let them do any more work to try to correct a mistake. It should become clear to you that they don’t have a complete understanding of how color works, especially in the skin. A well-trained artist understands color theory and will advise you accordingly.

The intent of permanent makeup is to create natural-looking enhancements like a fill for thin eyebrow areas to make them look fuller, or to completely reshape, frame and add color to shapeless eyebrows. At youbaby Skin Spa, we understand the fundamentals of permanent makeup, like color, shape, style and design nuances necessary to create the most natural looking eyebrows. Our certifications up to date and skills are current.

We also know what it takes to fix poorly executed permanent makeup, faded color, poorly placed and shaped eyebrows with laser and non-laser treatment protocols. Read more about the options for correction here.

Now that you found us, let youbaby Skin Spa be the place that can help relieve your lament, and let you get the look you wanted from the start.

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