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Launching a New Brand and Making Dreams Come True

I’m not sure WHEN it was that my passion for skincare, for working with others to address their inner beauty by helping to enhance their outer beauty – began. I’m not sure what lit that fire, but I do know it was early and it was all consuming. And, it’s never left me.

I have always been interested in health and wellness, and especially in how taking care of one’s skin plays a major role in not only looking good (and younger!) but FEELING good, too.

I have been in business since 1982. I started out as an electrologist and then opened my first skincare clinic in downtown Boulder in 1989. I am fortunate to have built an amazing and loyal client base and enjoyed working with clients all over the world. What an honor to have clients fly in from as far away as the Middle East for treatment! In 1997, I became the first aesthetician in the United States to legally use microdermabrasion and traveled the country teaching and training others physicians, nurses and aestheticians nationwide.

One thing that was been a constant in my career is change. Whether it be a new line of products or a new technique, I am always learning. I am also pretty attuned to my own internal gauge. I watch for the signs and listen to my instincts. Not too long ago, my instincts told me it was time to for a rejuvenation of my own career, follow a dream that I had, try some new things. I am excited and thrilled that this new chapter includes my amazing sister, Nina.

youbabyI envisioned the youbaby idea some years ago as a boutique skincare spa that offered the most advanced skin rejuvenation treatments in an environment that is a fun mix of “girlie girl meets health and wellness.” youbaby, a spa for skin that is focuses on skin rejuvenation.

It’s all about helping you be your most beautiful YOU!! Because, I truly believe that beautiful, healthy, sexy, radiant, youthful skin is possible at EVERY age.

At youbaby Skin Spa, we will offer an array of proven skincare services (Susan’s Signature Skin Treatments, permanent makeup, tattoo removal, Carbon Laser Facial, FotoFacials®, skin firming, META therapy, and more!) in addition to advances possible with the Enlighten picosecond laser, the industry’s hottest new technology and most effective laser facial treatment, Pico Genesis.

All of my training and all of my travels have confirmed for me my belief that skincare is an art and a science. I use the most advanced products and technology combined with the art of understanding to develop the best treatment individualized for the client.

And, now a new era, with my sister as a partner, begins. youbaby Skin Spa is a safe, sacred space where you can be nurtured and educated on the health and care of your skin.

The youbaby difference can be seen in the care we take and the relationships we build with our clients. It is our passion and our expertise – our decades of experience, our knowledge of the latest technology and techniques, our individualized approach to every client’s unique needs and desires – that set us apart.

Making sure your skin is as healthy as it can be and helping you celebrate you at your best – you at your most confident and genuine – is what we do.


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