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How Tattoo Removal Works & What Can You Expect

Tattoo removal is a big decision; one not to take lightly. However, once you’ve made the decision, there’s more to reconcile, like – How do you get it removed? Where do you go? What kind of results do you expect? Are you willing to commit to the process?

Once you know more about the technology that removes tattoos, you’ll have a much easier time choosing where you go to have your tattoo removed.

How laser tattoo removal works

Ink particles from a tattoo are suspended in the skin but are too large for the body to remove it through its lymphatic system (the body’s garbage disposal). The laser shatters the ink particles into smaller bits so the body can carry them away. The smaller the bits, the faster the ink is to remove.

Successful laser tattoo removal depends on four factors

  • Penetration – the laser light must go deep enough into the skin to reach the tattoo pigment.

  • Absorption – the color of the laser light must be more highly absorbed by the tattoo pigment than the surrounding skin. Different pigments require different laser colors.

  • Duration – the laser pulse must be very quick (nanoseconds to picoseconds) so that the tattoo pigment is heated to fragmentation temperature before its heat can dissipate to the surrounding skin and cause burns or scaring.

  • Intensity – each laser pulse must deliver enough energy to fragment the pigment, if not, no removal will take place.

Traditional tattoo removal technology

Viable tattoo removal laser technology has been around since the 1980’s. The energy output from early laser technology was not fast enough to break up the ink particles without creating heat in the skin. The removal took a very long time, lots of treatments with a risk of burning or scarring. In some cases, the ink never completely cleared.

Laser technology has evolved. Fast forward 30 years or so, tattoo removal laser technology is much safer and more efficient. Now with picoseconds technology, there are much quicker solutions to clear tattoo ink, regardless of color.

What is Picosecond?

The laser’s light is delivered in picoseconds – one trillionth of a second. Fast enough for the heat transferred to the tattoo pigment to shatter it into smaller particles, and too fast for the surrounding skin to get hot. The technology provides better results over older, slower lasers being used for tattoo removal.

The picosecond technology is so advanced that it delivers more energy in less time, requiring fewer and faster treatments with less discomfort, and very little downtime with a higher rate of clearing!

Enlighten III – Best-in-class picosecond laser

For the best value and least discomfort, the industry-leading picosecond device for tattoo removal is Cutera’s Enlighten III. The Enlighten provides better results in half as many treatments as traditional methods since it achieves maximum penetration and absorption with the speed and peak intensity to fragment the tattoo ink regardless of density or color. By far, the Enlighten is the best laser tattoo removal solution for more efficient clearance of tattoo ink.

You’ll want to make sure that you work with an experienced professional team that understands the power of technology to get better results with all color tattoos, anywhere on the body that saves you time and money.

At youbaby Skin Spa, we deliver results. When you’re ready to move to the next step, but have more of your questions call on us to guide you through the process. Consultations and spot tests are always complementary.