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Skin Treatment or Facial: The differences and home care.

Susan Melching, CPCP, CIDESCO

Who doesn’t want to have smooth, clear, youthful-looking, beautiful and glowing skin that radiates?

One of best ways to take care of your skin and to help you maximize your natural beauty is a professional facial skin treatment.

Not to split hairs, but there is a difference between getting a facial and having a skin treatment. Facials come in a variety of methods– exfoliating, hydrating, and oxygen-infused, to name a few. While having a facial feels amazing, refreshing and a bit luxurious, the effects are not long lasting, because there’s little change to the skin’s condition at a deeper level. Whereas a skin treatment addresses the skin’s condition at deeper, dermal levels to re-balance and stimulate it to function like it used to. A skin treatment can help you achieve younger looking skin by increasing your skin’s elasticity, improving textural irregularities, tightening facial contours, and of course, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, thus erasing years from your appearance without any invasive procedures.

As a licensed skin care professional with over 35 years of experience, I make a point of keeping current with technology and apply the principles of anatomy and physiology to skin care.  I’ve developed a protocol of steps designed to stimulate a change in the skin’s condition at a cellular level.  A personalized skin treatment plan is designed for each patient by evaluating the individual’s lifestyle, nutrition, hormonal health, amount of sun exposure, stress, sleep, and heredity factors.

My intention is to create a path for change with progressive treatments. If a treatment or product is not producing the desired result, we change it up. This is our standard of practice youbaby.

While skin treatments stimulate change in the skin, home care support is integral to the process.

To keep your skin in balance and bring about change, you need to commit to a treatment program and a home care regimen. It is simple and takes so little time – one minute in the morning and one minute at bedtime. Ideally, this will do more to maintain, support the health of the skin and prevent future damage if done consistently. Daily. If you’re serious about making a change, remember these words: “never miss a day”!

We enjoy the friendship of a 91-year-old woman who’s been receiving regular skin treatments for nearly 20 years and has standing appointments with us every month. She trusts us to give her the type of treatment she needs that day, depending upon how her skin presents. Her skin is incredibly beautiful and will never reveal her chronological age. Among other things, she credits her youthful-looking skin to regular treatments and follows her home care regimen every day. She says, “I never miss a day. Never skip your skin routine, ever”.

What are the must have products?

Home care products need to be bio-available at a cellular level in order to be effective. This is the ability of the product to be absorbed and used by the body. Over-the-counter and drugstore products just don’t provide this action. Based on your individual treatment plan, we recommend your home care regimen as well. To assure that you are addressing the most pertinent issues and still be simple, the bare bones minimum is generally 4 to 5 products. Some products’ actions overlap, while others work best together.

Cleanser – use in the morning and before bed and must suit your skin’s acid pH. If your skin feels tight and slick, after cleansing, your cleanser may be stripping the acid pH from your skin and disrupting its natural barrier function. It’s so important to cleanse at night to remove the daily impurities.

“For every night without removing the day’s dirt and makeup, your skin ages 3 months, and it’s cumulative.”

Vitamin C Lotion – use in the morning. A powerful anti-oxidant. Helps to reduce redness, pigmentation and helps with photo sensitivity.

Hydrating serum, Lotion or Cream – use in the morning and before bed to keep the skin hydrated. Depending on skin type, use as serum or cream with SPF.

Eye Cream – for prevention and correction of fine lines and should start using daily beginning at age 20 in the morning and before bed.

Treatment product– offers nourishment, is restorative. Treatment products are designed to address a specific problem. Use at night when the body is at rest to give time for restoration.

Exfoliation – not a daily basic, but 1 to 2 times per week. Crystal scrub, vitamin based or alpha or beta hydroxy. Use an exfoliating scrub with an ultrasonic cleansing brush (Clarisonic is our favorite).

This cannot be overstated, the key to keeping your skin as healthy as possible is consistent home care. In essence, a home care regime puts the skin on autopilot where it continuously supports the treatment’s effectiveness because it’s what your skin needs. Without a doubt, home care helps protect your investment in yourself.


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