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9 Things you need to do after a skin treatment

Getting professional laser and non-laser skin treatments will help you to achieve and maintain great looking skin. But to support your investment and attain long-lasting results it's important to do these things.

1. Allow your skin to be a little red.

Redness is normal and is usually temporary. The inflammation shows that your skin is responding to the treatment. If you have discomfort, an ice pack can provide some welcome relief.

2. Take a day or two off from exercise or workouts that make you sweaty and hot.

Your pores are nice and clean, and you want your skin to breathe free of excess oils.

3. Allow scabbing to come and go

If you have scabbing from a treatment (which is normal for some treatments), let the scab come and go without your help. It’s important that you keep your hands away from the treatment area, lest you find yourself sneaking a pick or scratch. Otherwise, it’ll leave a mark.

4. Commit to a home care regimen.

Become familiar with and use the products recommended by your skin care professional.

5. Take 5 minutes twice each day to apply your home care products.

That’s about the same amount of time it takes the coffee to brew, or tea to steep. Our preferred product line is Revision Skincare. If you’re not sure about what goes on when, here’s a simple plan:

Cleanse. Tone. Treat. Moisturize. Protect. Repeat. Daily.

Day and Night

  • Start with a cleanser
  • Use clarifying toner (if you desire)
  • Treat eyes and face with serums
  • Treat neck and hands
  • Apply moisturizer 


  • Nourish and restore with nutrient rich serums 


  • Protect with sunscreen


  • Exfoliate and mask – no more than twice per week

For every night that you go to bed without washing away the day, your skin will age by 3 months. And, it’s accumulative!

6. Beware of counterfeit products

Only buy from an authorized retailer of direct from the manufacturer. There a number of bogus internet sites that claim they are an authorized reseller. If you have any questions, check the product website, or call us.

7. Be vigilant about applying sunscreen

Where we live, we cannot afford to face the day without protection from the elements. Also invest in a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses and limit your time in the sun.

8. Set budget

Set a budget for your skincare needs based on the plan that your skincare professional puts together with you. This plan could include:

  • Deep cleansing, at a minimum every 2-3 months, or as it fits in your schedule
  • Follow the recommended treatment series at the prescribed intervals to improve your skin’s texture, tone and radiance
  • Booster treatment every 6 to 8 months, or just once per year
  • Home care products – use daily

9. Tailored skin care routine

Every skin type is different so it's important to talk to a professional about what treatments are best for you and to have a tailored skincare routine.

At youbaby Skin Spa, we formulate the best treatment plan for your specific needs and concerns, supported by well-designed products to help you achieve maximum benefits. Our goal is to help you protect the health and wellness of your skin, and maximize your investment so your skin looks beautiful at every age!

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