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4-Step Approach to Skin Wellness

In today’s health conscious environment, much time and money are spent on wellness. It’s no surprise that there are hundreds of different esthetic and cosmetic treatments, products and new trends also making wellness claims. For someone seriously considering what to do about how their skin looks feels and represents them, this just muddies the waters.

If you really don’t have a skincare plan or are tired of trying the “treatment-of-the-month” skincare plans you’re not alone. With this easy 4 step approach, you can get make the changes you wish to see.

The consult

First, get a comprehensive consultation with a qualified and licensed skin care professional. You should expect to pay something for the consultation. After all, this is a professional you’re talking with. Their time, like yours is valuable.

Discuss your goals. What concerns you about your skin, what do you hope to achieve, and what is realistic. Clarify your questions. What do you need to know to help you in your decision making? Ask for feedback and honest recommendations – do you trust what they are saying? Request a plan tailored for your specific needs.

To do this, your esthetician will want to know your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits. Much of what your skin shows has to do with what’s going on inside your body. The health and beauty of your skin is directly related to your internal health. For more about this, see these blogs – aging skin and healthy habits.

The plan

Everyone’s skin needs and goals are different, that’s why the plan is “your” plan. If you want to be successful, feel confident, and look great, you need to be willing to give the plan a chance. For you to really see change, that could mean three to six months down the road. Then it’s all about maintenance.

If your plan includes laser and/or non-laser therapies, you should plan accordingly. How much time can you afford for the healing period? How often are your treatments spaced apart? Whatever your plan includes, limiting exposure to the sun and faithfully following your home care regimen will improve your outcome.

The actions

Your esthetician will want to have a thorough inspection of your skin’s overall condition to validate or modify the plan that you discussed earlier. Most evaluations start with a baseline skin treatment and assessment to really know what you’re up against.

The basis of a skin care plan should include deep cleansing, exfoliation with microdermabrasion and the appropriate serums and active ingredients for your skin. This prepares your skin for the next treatment or therapy, and most importantly, a comprehensive home care regimen for moving forward.

The follow up

Regular check-ins are a great way to keep on track. What are you noticing? Are you adjusting to the home care regimen? Are there any changes to your lifestyle? How do you feel about where you’re at in your plan? Ask to look at your before and after photos for a “point in time” comparison.

Home care is just as important, if not more important than the treatment or therapy, to reaching the goals you identify. If your esthetician recommends products as part of your plan, you’ll have a better outcome by following the home care plan.

Why youbaby Skin Spa?

Often our patients come in with general health concerns - they want their skin to have a more radiant glow, where others have very specific concerns – acne scarring, brown spots, melasma, etc. We’ll discuss a variety of different solutions specific to each individual’s needs, and give our most unbiased recommendations. We won’t recommend a treatment or therapy if it will not work for you.

Part of our strategy in working with you is to educate you about what’s happening in your skin based on 40 years of esthetic experience, and how we’ll address it in the treatment room and what your home care should include.

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