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What is a carbon Laser facial and what are its benefits

Carbon Laser Facial, also known as the Hollywood Peel is a top go-to non-invasive skin treatment for Hollywood celebrities, and has been associated with trendsetters in the aesthetic domain. Moreover, this type of laser facial is perfect for anybody who needs a quick skin-pick-me-up or something you do monthly to keep improving and sustaining your skin.

Simply, this treatment exfoliates the skin and cleans out the pores while stimulating collagen that evens out skin tone and makes your skin more radiant.

A carbon cream/paste that is applied to the skin acts as a photo-enhancer, which vaporizes when it comes in contact with the laser. The carbon absorbs the laser light causing a snapping sound as micro explosions take place on the epidermal layer of the skin without any pain.

As the carbon absorbs the heat, you feel a bit of warmth which is actually the heat being passed on to the deeper skin below to reactivate collagen production, and also provides instant tissue plumping. This takes about one minute.

Carbon laser facial is effective for treating a number of skin imperfections including:

  • Enlarged Pores

  • Shine and oiliness

  • Wrinkles and fine lines reduction

  • Acne and acne scarring

  • Uneven skin tone

  • Reduces edema

  • Stimulates lymphatic drainage

Benefits of Carbon Laser Facial

  • Cleansing – Carbon has the capability to absorb pollutants and oil from the depth of your pores. The procedure helps in cleansing of the skin by removing the dust particles, carbon particles, and other unessential ingredients from your face.

  • Exfoliating – When the carbon is targeted with the help of a laser, it discharges the blackheads, dead skin cells, and exfoliate the skin effectively. As a result, you will get exfoliated, radiant, and softer skin with enhanced skin tone and reduced pore size.

  • Rejuvenating – One more benefit is that you will get the rejuvenated skin. This happens due to increase in the production of collagen. As a result, you will get rid of wrinkles and fine lines, and leaves your skin more firm, plumper, glowing, and tighter.

  • Acne and Oil Destroying – It helps in reducing bacteria that is responsible for the formation of acne. Moreover, it manages the sebaceous glands that are responsible for producing oil. You may get it on any part of your body.

What you can expect:

  • Collagen stimulation leading to a more youthful skin

  • A more glowing complexion

  • Even skin tone

  • More smooth skin

Carbon Laser treatments are an elegant solution to making your skin beautiful, smooth and rejuvenated. You will see results just after 1 treatment but if you want to manage them for a long time period then you need to get multiple sessions.